CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

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CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Model: PRPCM-16Ab/24Ab/32Ab/40Ab/48Ab/60Ab

Performance Features: flame/plasma cutting; 3-6 control axises; With originally imported IPC from Taiwan to achieve numerical control via touch screen & man-machine interface; High positioning and moving precision; chuck+ roller bench type driving system as standard; two rows of big wheels coated with stainless; built-in V shape roller conveying system.

Technical Parameters of the CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200/DN1500
Cutting Pipe Wall Thickness: 1-25mm (plasma cutting) or as per plasma generator;
5-60mm (flame cutting)
Cutting Speed: Plasma Cutting Speed: 50-3800mm/min
Flame Cutting Speed: 50-750mm/min
Number of Axis Under Control: 3-6 Axis
Angle of Bevel: Plasma Cutting: ±45° (adjustable)
Flame Cutting: ±60° (adjustable)
Cutting Pipe Length: ≤12000mm
Max Load Pipe Weight: 4000KGS
CNC System: Original import IPC
Control Way: Full CNC control with touch screen and man-machine interface
Integrated Precision of the Machine:
Portrait Moving Error: ≤±0.2mm/1000mm
Turning Angle Error: ≤1° per 180°
Surface Quality: Clean and no dregs
Repeat Positioning Accuracy of Generatrix: ≤±0.3mm

Basic Configuration
The CNC pipe profile cutting machine mainly consists of the control system, machine arm system, driving unit, clamp unit, support unit, guide rail, airway system, control cabinet and operation table, etc. One set of flame cutting system (including plasma cutting) is provided as the main cutting system (or as per customer's request).

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