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  • Pipeline End Beveling MachineApplicable Pipe Diameter: Φ203-355/Φ406-508/Φ508-610/Φ610-762/ Φ762-914/Φ914-1016/Φ1016-1168/Φ1168-1320/Φ1320-1524
    Bevel Shape: X, V and double V
    Dimension: φ1500*1000*950/φ2150*1100*1000/φ2300*1100*1000/φ2450*1200*1300/φ2680*1250*1500
  • Pneumatic Pipeline Internal Line-Up ClampPress Amount: 10*2/10*2/12*2/12*2/12*2/18*2/12*2/24*2/24*2/30*2/
    Support Force: 8.5T/150T/183T/270T/270T/450T/270T/650T/650T/650T/
    Driving System: Driving by motor, single side single wheel (18A-36A)/single side two wheels (40A-56A)
    Braking System: Single side single brake (18A-36A)/Three sides double brakes (40A-56A)
  • Orbital Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine (FCAW/GMAW)The operability is Excellent / Better.
    The orbital automatic pipeline welding machine offers better surface shaping (welding gun always go along with the orbital track to welding of all position)
    It has a welding qualification ratio of over 96%.

Qianshan is a specialized pipeline construction equipment manufacturer based in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including a pipeline end beveling machine, pipe automatic welding machine, pipe plasma beveling and cutting machine, piping fabrication fast fitting-up machine, and more.

Pipe Prefabrication Machine
  • Pipe Fabrication Production Line (Fixed Type)The basic configuration of the pipe fabrication production line consists of one set of fixed-type high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine, one set of roller-bench-type pipe ...