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Pipe Fabrication Production Line

Model: FPFPL-16Aa/24Aa/32Aa/40Aa/48Aa

1. The basic configuration of the pipe fabrication production line consists of one set of fixed-type high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine, one set of roller-bench-type pipe plasma cutting and beveling machine, one set of high speed pipe cutting band saw machine + two sets of fixed-type pipe end beveling machine, many sets of piping prefabrication fast fitting-up machine, many sets of piping prefabrication automatic welding machine or piping automatic welding machine (cantilever type), a set of automatic conveying system and a set of steel structure pipe racks.
2. The pipe fabrication production line offers excellent production efficiency - hoisting with overhead traveling crane, beveling with high speed cutting and beveling machine and welding with automatic welding machine.
3. As this is a fixed type of pipe fabrication product line, the equipment cannot be easily moved.
4. Utilized the fixed type workshop; Using PDSOFT Pipe Fabrication Detail Design Software for designing spool pieces; using PDSOFT Pipe Fabrication Process Management Software to elaborate management with high efficiency; using CNC cutting & beveling equipment for high quality mechanical bevel; using fitting-up machine for fast spool pieces fit-up; using various types automatic welding machines for high-efficiency high-quality MIG root welding with QSPT’s technology; using SAW for high efficiency cap welding; equipped with adequate numbers of conveying systems capable of longitudinal/lateral conveying to ensure safe and reliable ground conveying.

This fixed type pipe fabrication production line is used for pipe projects or piping prefabrication projects that are within 500KM from the center of the workshop.

Technical Parameters of the Pipe Fabrication Production Line (Fixed Type)
Production Capacity: 20-150 Thousands Diameter-Inch/Month (or depending on workshop area and equipment configuration or as per request)
Pipe diameter applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000/DN1200
Pipe Thickness: 3-80MM
Conveying Speed: 2-20M/Min
Beveling Speed: ≤5Min / Two Bevels (DN200 SCH40)
Automatic Welding Rate: ≥60%
Prefabrication Ratio: 50%~80%
Design Software: PDSOFT 3Dpiping
Management Software: PDSOFT SPFMS

As a pipe fabrication production line manufacturer based in China, Qianshan also provides pipe cutting and beveling workstation, high speed pipe end beveling machine, pipe plasma beveling and cutting machine, piping fabrication fast fitting-up machine, pipe automatic welding machine, and more.

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