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Pipe Fabrication Production Line

Model: DPPPL-24A

1. The dual-purpose pipe fabrication production line is primarily made up of following parts, 1 set of fixed type high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine, 1 set of roller-bench type plasma pipe cutting and beveling machine, 1 set of high speed pipe cutting band saw machine, 2 sets of fixed type pipe end beveling machine, multiple sets of pipe fabrication fast fitting up machine, several pipe fabrication automatic welding machines or pipe cantilever automatic welding machines, many containers for composing the workstation, 1 set of conveying system, and 1 set of steel structure pipe rack.
2. The production line comes with double-purpose. When it is placed in a container, it can be utilized as a piece of movable pipe fabrication equipment, and when it is mounted in a workshop, it serves as the fixed one.
3. It offers very high production efficiency, and the production capacity when mounted in a workshop is a little bit higher than that when mounted in a container.
4. The pipe fabrication production line offers great mobility. Its steel structure pipe rack can be disassembled, and the entire production line can also be folded for easy transportation.

The production line is applicable for various large scaled pipe fabrication projects in a fixed or different work sites.

Technical Parameters
1. Production Capacity: 20-120 thousand Diameter-Inch/month (or depend on workshop area or workstation configurations)
2. Pipe diameter: DN50-600 (φ60-630mm or as per requirements)
3. Pipe thickness: 3-80mm
4. Conveying speed: 2-20m/min.
5. Beveling Speed: 5min/ two bevels (DN200 SCH40)
6. Automatic Welding Rate: ≥60%
7. Prefabrication Ratio: 50%~80%
8. Design Software: PDSOFT 3Dpiping
9. Management Software: PDSOFT SPFMS

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