Automatic Welding Machine for Pipe Spool Root Pass Weld

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Automatic Welding Machine for Root Pass Weld

Model: PPAWM-24Aa/24Cb

Technical Parameters of the Automatic Welding Machine for Pipe Spool Root Pass Weld (GMAW/GTAW/FCAW)
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN50-600 (φ60-610)
Pipe Wall Thickness Applicable: 3-30mm
Pipe Length Applicable: 400-8000mm (for pipe dia ≤400 mm, adopt to auxiliary method to welding)
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel , stainless steel and cryogenic steel
Welding Line Applicable: Various welding lines of spool pieces such as pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-flange, flange-flange and flange-elbow, etc. (a fake pipe transition connection shall be applied if necessary)
Clamping System: Clamping arm move up and down by screw
Control System: PLC control and indication by text display

Oscillating System
Oscillating Mode: Adjustment by electric cross oscillator , drive by step motor
Adjustment Mode: Welding swing, swing around the frequency and left and right pause time, etc. by electric cross oscillator to adjustment of stepless
Adjustment Way: Swing parameter (welding swing, swing frequency and left and right pause time) use to button + digital display adjust way

Welding System
Adjustment Mode: Work piece rotation variable frequency, stepless adjustable (stable), cross arm stretch the length of electrical, stepless adjustable
Adjustment Way: Work piece Rev speed/welding speed adjustment using knob + digital way, cross arm of extending length of use of buttons
Welding Procedure: FCAW/GMAW/GTAW welding process for root pass welding
Welding Power: OEM products in China (or as per customers' demands)

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