Pipe Flame Beveling and Cutting Machine

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Pipe Flame Beveling and Cutting Machine

Model: PRBCM-16Aa/24Aa/32Aa/48Aa

1. The on-line performance of the pipe flame beveling and cutting machine is very good (designed as per the on-line equipment of the production line).
2. The pipe flame beveling and cutting machine offers a beveling speed of ≤3Min /pipe bevel (DN200 SCH40)/≤5Min/two pipe bevels (DN200 SCH40).
3. It offers bevel cutting: Cutting off and with one bevel of the pipe at simultaneously for/cutting off and with two bevels of the pipe simultaneously.
4. It offers good bevel quality.
5. Flame/Plasma Cutting; built-in motor roller conveying system; the roller-bench type structure with three rows of small wheels coated with stainless steel or two rows of big wheels coated with stainless. Driving by Servo motor + Reducer; control with PLC cutting system; CNC cutting to length controlled by man-machine interface.

Technical Parameters of the Pipe Flame Beveling and Cutting Machine
(Roller Bench Type)

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/ DN600/DN800 /DN1200
Applicable Wall Thickness: 5~50 mm
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, and cryogenic steel
Cutting Length: 6350MM
Bevel Shape: V
Cutting Direction: Lengthwise
Roller Bench:
(1). Structure: Three line steel roller with fixed distance
(2). Roller Bench Length: 7000MM
(3). Driving System: Servo motor + precision reducer
(4). Rev: 0~2.5M/Min (VF stepless speed adjustment)
(5). Roller Bench Material: 45#, Surface bluing treatment
(6). Rotation Accuracy: <2.0MM
Trolley System:
(1). Trolley Travel: 6350MM (moving lengthwise)
(2). Cutting Torch Travel: 700MM (up/down); 300MM (in/out)
(3). Cutting With: Flame cutting (can be equipped with plasma cutting)
(4). Cutting Torch Angle: ±45° (adjustable)
(5). Cutting Torch Quantity: One piece of flame cutting torch/three pieces of flame cutting torch
(6). Angle Error: <2°
(7). Length Fixing Accuracy:<2.0MM
Control System: SH-2000H Flame CNC Cutting System
Length-Measuring System: CNC length measuring which is included in the control system
Conveying System: Built in conveying system equipped with a lifter; additionally, a set of conveying system can be provided for bevel cutting machine if necessary and conveying can be implemented manually or electrically.

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