Piping Radiographic Test Work Station

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Piping Radiographic Test Work Station

Model: PRTWS-16Aa/24Aa

1. The piping radiographic test work station is a combination of one 6m container made using special techniques, one free frame light-rail crane, one pipe cantilever crane, and one split type air conditioner.
2. Its production efficiency is high. Utilizing a container as the carrier, it has no limitation on working radius and offers superior mobility.
3. One specially retrofitted 6M container; one free framework light rail crane; one pipe cantilever crane; one split-type air conditioner, one rail & trolley conveying system; lead plates installed all around (the roof: 10mm; the bottom: 16mm; others: 23mm); flaw detector power: 300KV/5MA; nondestructive testing can be done during the day to solve the bottleneck of flaw detection.

With very good flaw detection performance, the piping radiographic test work station is commonly used in pipe fabrication factories or yards for pipe and tube defective detection.

Technical Parameters
1. Pipe diameter applicable: DN400/DN600
2. Detecting power: 300KV. 5MA
3. Defectoscopy direction: bottom and sides
4. Exposure Time: 8 hours/ day, 6 days/ week
5. Lead Board Thickness: 10mm (top), 16mm (bottom), 23mm (others)
6. Limited lifting weight: 1 ton (external), 50kg (internal)
7. Conveying system: two trolleys are provided at the side of material feeding and discharging ends; raising and lowering pipe with the cantilever crane
8. Air conditioning system: 2.5 HP split air conditioner

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