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Pipe Cutting and Beveling Workstation

Model: PBMWS-24B

1. The basic configuration of the pipe cutting and beveling workstation consists of one set of 9m container made with special retrofit, one set of roller-bench-type pipe plasma cutting and beveling machine, one set of pipe roller conveying system for bevel cutting machine; or one set of railway trolley conveying system (option) and one set of cantilever cranes (option).
2. The pipe cutting and beveling workstation offers a production capacity of ≤2min /two pipe bevels (DN200 SCH40).
3. It offers excellent mobility (without limitation of radiation radius when using container as carrier).
4. The bevel quality is good.

The pipe cutting and beveling workstation is used for cutting the v shape bevel of the pipe with larger diameter and standard wall thickness.

Technical Parameters of the Pipe Cutting and Beveling Workstation (Type-B)
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN100~600(φ114~610mm)
Applicable Wall Thickness: 1~18mm
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel, etc.
Cutting Length: 6,350MM
Bevel Shape: V
Max. Hoisting Weight: 1 ton
Control System: SH-2000H CNC cutting system
Conveying System: Conveying systems are equipped at front and rear sides of the bevel cutting machine for conveying manually or automatically (Option)
Length-measuring System: CNC length measuring is included in the control system

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