Pipeline End Beveling Machine

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Pipeline End Beveling Machine

Model: MPEBM-14B/20B/24B/30B/36B/40B/46B/52B/60B

Technical Parameters of the Pipelie End Beveling Machine
Applicable Pipe Diameter: Φ203-355/Φ406-508/Φ508-610/Φ610-762/ Φ762-914/Φ914-1016/Φ1016-1168/Φ1168-1320/Φ1320-1524
Bevel Shape: X, V and double V
Driven System: Hydraulic Motor
Dimension: φ1500*1000*950/ φ2150*1100*1000/ φ2300*1100*1000/ φ2450*1200*1300/ φ2680*1250*1500/ φ3200*1300*1700/ φ3200*1600*1800/ φ3400*1750*1900/ φ3400*1800*2050
Total Weight: 490Kg/950Kg/1250Kg/1750Kg/2100Kg/2380Kg/2800Kg/3400Kg/4000Kg

As a professional pipeline end beveling machine manufacturer and supplier based in China, we provide not only pipeline construction equipment, but also pipe fabrication conveying equipment, pipe fabrication production line, pipe fabrication cutting equipment, and pipe fabrication welding equipment.

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