Automatic Pulse Tube Sheet Welding Machine

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Automatic Pulse Tube Sheet Welding Machine

Model: PAAWM-80A

Technical Parameters of the Automatic Pulse Tube Sheet Welding Machine (GTAW/TIG)
Welding Source

Model of the Welding Source: Panasonic TIGSTAR400
Type of Power Source: IGBT inversion
Welding Current: 4-315A
Duty Cycle: 315A 60; 244A 100%
Rated Load Voltage: 70V
Rated Power: 9.5 kw
Fluctuation Range of Input Voltage Allows: 380v±10%
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Welding Head
Pipe Diameter: Φ8~Φ80mm (or as per request)
Pipe Wall Thickness: 0.5-6.5mm
Maximum Length of Tube Elongation: 10mm
Maximum Depth of Tube Indentation: 2mm
Feeding Wire Adjustable Angle: ≤45°
Feeding Speed: 0.1~1.5m/min
Dia. of Filler Wire: 0.8mm
Rev Speed of Head: 0.15~6r /min
Welding Speed: 50~150mm/min
Tungsten Adjustable Angle: ≤45°
Positioning Spindle Cooling: Automatic forced cycle water-cooled

Program-controlled System
Welding Current Adjustment Range: 4~315A
Current Rise Time: 0.1~20s
Current Fall Time: 0.1~20s
Pulse Frequency: 0.5~500Hz
Duty Cycle Adjustment Range: 10%~50%
Aspirated Time in Advance: 1~20s
Time Lag Aspirated: 2-20s
Feeding Speed Adjustment Range: 0~1.5m/min
Welding Head Rev Speed Adjustment Range: 0.15~6r/min
Built-in Storage Capacity of 100 Welding Code
Can Partition Paragraph: 1-6 paragraph
Display: LCD

Gantry and 5D System
Lateral Movement Stroke: 16000mm
Vertical Movement Stroke: 16000mm
Axial Movement Stroke: 300mm

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