Orbital Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine

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Orbital Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine

Model: PAAWM-56Aa

1. Automation level: Better (input all of the welding parameters before welding, and it can also control the machine real time when it is working)
2. Beveling is required: After using STT semiautomatic welding to root welding, you can use this machine to weld.
3. The orbital automatic pipeline welding machine has a better welding production capacity of 250-350 inch per day.
4. The operability is Excellent / Better.
5. The orbital automatic pipeline welding machine offers better surface shaping (welding gun always go along with the orbital track to welding of all position)
6. It has a welding qualification ratio of over 96%.
7. The orbital automatic pipeline welding machine's driving reliability is excellent. (Carriage forced going along with the orbital track.)
8. Suitable for filling and cap welding in pipeline or on installation site; split type orbital track is installed outside the pipe; fast manual centering with screws; welding head is installed on the track. imported genuine MIG welding power supply which can tolerate the voltage fluctuation of generators; solid welding wire with mixed gas; downhill welding.

The orbital automatic pipeline welding machine is best used for welding big (middle) diameter and thick wall thickness fabricated welds which have long distance pipeline diameter for hot welding, filling and cap welding of circular welding.

Technical Parameters of the Orbital Automatic Pipeline Welding Machine
Applicable Pipe Diameter: DN400-1400
Applicable Wall Thickness: 6-80MM
Applicable Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and low temperature steel (cryogenic steel), etc.
Applicable Welding Seams: Have a big space that makes it easy to install the orbital track of the pipe welding.
Power of Welding Head: 120W
Travel Speed: 0-36m/h
Oscillation Range: 2.5-30mm
Oscillation Speed: 0-42mm/S
Maximum Offset: 70mm
Dwell Time: 0-2s
Welding Waveform: Triangular waveform, trapezoidal waveform, rectangular waveform, and straight line
Weight of Weld Head: 12kg
Height of Welding Gun: 0-80 mm
Angle of Welding Gun: 0-360°
Loading Welding Wire: 5kg

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