Pipe Fabrication Shop Building and Operating

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Pipe Fabrication Shop Building and Operating

Model: QSPT FC&GS V1.0

We can offer technical supports according to the provided pipe fabrication shop planning and design scheme as well as the construction details, so as to make sure the construction of pipe fabrication shop can be proceeded smoothly, and make sure the construction quality meets the requirements of the design scheme and construction details.

We will send some technical support personnel to participate in all the processes of client's first pipe fabrication project, so as to offer services regarding to pipe fabrication shop building and trial-operation which may not be included in the equipment and software purchasing contract. Details are listed below.

1. We will send an automatic welding equipment operator to offer clients one month's service. The operator's main responsibility is to operate one of the automatic welding machines so as to demonstrate to others how to use the machine, and offer technical supports to welding operators of client's side.
2. We also will send a GTAW root pass welder to offer one month's service. Similar to the automatic welding equipment operator, this welder has to conduct GTAW root pass welding work to achieve demonstration effect, and also needs to offer corresponding technical supports.
3. A detail drawing designer is also sent to help clients design the detail drawing for one month, and offer demonstration effect and technical supports.
4. When necessary, we also offer consultant services via phone calls, emails, or other instant chatting tools, with maximum period up to 6 months.
5. We can also send other personnel to offer clients other technical supports during pipe fabrication shop building and trail-operation processes. (≤5 people; ≤ 1 month)

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