Detail Drawing Designer Training

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Detail Drawing Designer Training

Model: QSPT DDT&E V2.0

The training is intended to enable pipe detail drawing designers to master the PDSOFT 3DPiping design software. After training, the designers should be able to generate isometric or spool drawings with the same style and the same mark, according to the construction drawing or original single line drawing with varied drawing modes and drawing levels provided by either national or international institutes (engineering companies). The final drawings offered by trained detail drawing designers can simplify pipe fabrication process management, so as to improve working efficiency, maximally reduce error rate, and increase workers and management personnel's adaptability.

Through detail drawing designer training, pipe fabrication factories are allowed to fabricate pipes according to the spool drawing, which indicates a high management level. The utilization of spool drawing can effectively improve working and management efficiency, largely reduce the skill requirements on fitting-up workers, ensure convenient process flow inspection, and more.

The intended detail drawing designer could be any people with high school diploma and basic knowledge about CAD software, whether they have experience in piping construction.

Training Period
Through intensive training, a trainee is able to learn the skill in 2 weeks, to work in the position in 3 weeks, be skilled at this work in 4 weeks, and get our work license in 5 weeks.
After the training, the trainee will have basic knowledge about the piping construction and good knowledge about pipe fabrication processes.

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