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Zhejiang petrochemical refining and chemical integration project was officially launched
2018-09-10 16:29:50
Zhejiang petrochemical refining and chemical integration project was officially launched
Zhejiang Petrochemical 40 million ton / year refining and chemical integration project (phase I) pipe factory prefabrication kicked off.
Sinopec petrochemical works ten construction company Zhejiang petrochemical project department pipe processing factory flying flowers. With the arrival of pipeline materials in quench zone of 1.4 million tons/year ethylene plant in Zhejiang Petrochemical Company, Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Project Department has organized and planned scientifically and promptly opened the prelude of industrialized prefabrication of process pipeline, which indicates that the construction of process pipeline in the tenth construction project of Zhejiang Petrochemical Company has entered a substantive stage.
It is understood that in the two core units of refining and ethylene of Zhejiang Petrochemical Project, the cumulative construction volume of process pipelines is as high as 2.6 million inches. Facing the influence of many unfavorable factors such as isolated island operation, bad weather conditions, urgent construction period and so on, Zhejiang Petrochemical Refinery and Ethylene Project Branch has completed the construction of pipeline processing plant in a short period of time, taking "management innovation, work efficiency improvement" as the work orientation, and quickly installed all-position automatic welding machine, groove machine and other machines and tools. Put in place. At the same time, the project department actively leads the participating construction units to use advanced tooling equipment to improve the management innovation level of the construction team.
At present, the ethylene plant process pipeline materials have arrived more than 50,000 meters, more than 20,000 pipe fittings, the project department is actively urging the design institute to draw, to ensure that the process pipeline prefabrication work smoothly. At the same time, the safety, technology, quality and other training work is carried out for the professional construction personnel to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming peak of process pipeline construction.
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